Autori: Bianchi, Luca, Prezioso, Stefano, Berardi, Donato, Palermo, Stefano, Parlato, Salvatore, Ballabio, Andrea, Bianchini, Roberto
Titolo: Gli investimenti in rinnovabili nella transizione ecologica. Una valutazione di impatto economico per l'Italia e il Mezzogiorno
Periodico: Rivista economica del Mezzogiorno
Anno: 2022 - Fascicolo: 3 - Pagina iniziale: 571 - Pagina finale: 596

The development of Renewable Energy is an essential part of the international strategies against the climate change and is one of the milestones in the construction of a new model of sustainable and circular economy. Starting from the analysis of the current situation of wind and solar power plants in Italy and assuming the goals of increasing renewables energies included in the Italian National Plan for Energy and Climate 2030 (PNIEC), this essay makes an estimate – at national and regional level – of the investments theoretically necessary in wind and solar power plants in the coming years and their impact on the Italian production system. The new investments and the related effects in terms of production, added value and employment would be particularly significant in the South of the country, representing an additional tool to support its development and to enhance the diffusion of highly innovative technologies

SICI: 1120-9534(2022)3<571:GIIRNT>2.0.ZU;2-P
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