Autore: Vivaldi, Elena
Titolo: Inclusion Policies for People with Disabilities: Twenty Years after the Law no. 328/2000
Periodico: Politiche Sociali
Anno: 2020 - Fascicolo: 3 - Pagina iniziale: 439 - Pagina finale: 458

The purpose of the essay is to analyse how the recent Italian Law n. 112/2016 («Provisions relating to assistance for people who report serious disabilities without family support») influenced the territorial implementation of the welfare system for people with disabilities. In particular, it aims to examine two main aspects: how the Regions implemented the principles defined twenty years ago by Law no. 328/2000; how the Law n. 112/2016 concretely innovated these principles. The research was conducted through an analysis of regional law, regional planning documents and regional practices. It shows the strengths and weaknesses in the development of territorial welfare twenty years after the enactment of Law n. 328 and highlights the strong and historical territorial differentiation between the Italian Regions.

SICI: 2284-2098(2020)3<439:IPFPWD>2.0.ZU;2-Z
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