Autore: Crivellari, Dino
Titolo: L'insegnamento di Raffaele Mattioli e l'eclissi delle banche di prossimità. Un'ipotesi di compromesso
Periodico: Banca impresa società
Anno: 2022 - Volume: 41 - Fascicolo: 1 - Pagina iniziale: 49 - Pagina finale: 60

Taking a cue from Mattioli’s teaching, according to which there must be coherence between the economic structure of a country and its banking system, we analyse the particular italian situation where we are witnessing the progressive decrease of local banks, rooted in the territory, essential for the credit support of SMEs. To attemp a synthesis between the Regulators need to increase the average size of european banks for stability purposes and the need not to weaken the periphery, the hypothesis of regional aggregations of smaller banks with the partecipation of the regional institution, is proposed.

SICI: 1120-9453(2022)41:1<49:LDRMEL>2.0.ZU;2-2
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