Autore: Vivaldi, Elena
Titolo: La partecipazione delle Regioni ai procedimenti decisionali del Parlamento alla luce del nuovo regolamento della Commissione bicamerale per le questioni regionali: quali prospettive?
Periodico: Le regioni
Anno: 2018 - Fascicolo: 5/6 - Pagina iniziale: 895 - Pagina finale: 946

The article analyses the impact of the failed 2016 constitutional reform on the Italian regional system. In the second part, it deals with the problems deriving from the lack of regional involvement in the parliamentary decision-making processes. In this perspective the article focuses on the future of the so called «system of intergovernmental State-territorial authorities Conferences». It also explores the role that can be played by the parliamentary Committee for Regional affairs, in the light of its recently amended rules of procedure. It is argued that the procedures and tools provided by the above mentioned regulation can serve as the lever to ensure an effective link between the peripheral authorities and the central Parliament.

SICI: 0391-7576(2018)5/6<895:LPDRAP>2.0.ZU;2-G
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