Autore: Zaccaria, Giuseppe
Titolo: Comprendere il diritto
Periodico: Materiali per una storia della cultura giuridica
Anno: 2013 - Fascicolo: 2 - Pagina iniziale: 519 - Pagina finale: 528

The author, in presenting his latest volume, underlies that, in the last twenty years, human science, and particularly legal science, have successfully understood interpretation as a means through which one may acquire knowledge about the world. This success depends, for the hermeneutic method, on its being grassroots, in that it is predicated on the practice of a certain ambit of experience. The book Comprendere il diritto (Understading Law) is devoted to emphasizing the connection between «understanding law» and «understading legal phenomena as a whole»: indeed, law is the result of the operations of the interpreter, and legal provisions must be understood as a semimanufactured product that the interpreter extract from the law. However, the author ponders: are judges culturally trained for the tasks that they have to carry out? Once projected on the global level, in fact, the liberal topic of limiting power becomes again crucial.

SICI: 1120-9607(2013)2<519:CID>2.0.ZU;2-6
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