Compilations of related materials, by subject or type, collect in a single publication many of the most significant documents related to a topic, or a group of topics, to simplify the research of what you need, that otherwise you would have to search separately.

Owen, Robert (et al.), Classics of modern management theory (London, Routledge, 1993)

the collection The International library of critical writings in economics, series editor Mark Blaug (Aldershot, Brookfield, Elgar, 1990-):

  • Entrepreneurship, edited by Mark Casson (Aldershot, Elgar, c1990)
  • Microeconomics : theoretical and applied, edited by Robert E. Kuenne (Aldershot, Brookfield, Elgar, c1991)
  • Recent developments in macroeconomics, edited by Edmund S. Phelps (Aldershot, Brookfield, Elgar, c1991)
  • The philosophy and methodology of economics, edited by Bruce J. Caldwell (Aldershot, Brookfield, Elgar, c1993)

the collection The library of international political economy (Aldershot, Brookfield, Elgar, c1993-):

  • The international system and the international political economy, edited by Joseph M. Grieco (Aldershot, Brookfield, Elgar, c1993)