Who are Library patrons?
Students and instructors have free access to the Library. Students can use their own University badge, while instructors need a specific card. In addition, also graduated LIUC students and citizens of Castellanza have free access.

If you are not an insider, you can access to consultation and loan services by paying a 35€ annual fee, or to the full range of services provided by the library (databanks included) by paying a 100€ annual fee.

Those who belong to universities in network with LIUC University will have facilitated access to the services. The Chief librarian must authorize other facilitated accesses. At the issue of the card, a reimbursement of expenses of 15€ will be required. The validity of the card is subject to the continued existence of the required conditions.

If you are not a LIUC insider, you can choose among the various enrolment alternatives described in “Access policy”.

How can I access to Library services?
With the University badge, you have access to all Library services:

  • Loans (up to 10 volumes for 30 days)
  • E-books download (in and off campus)
  • Databanks (in and off campus)
  • Reference services for bibliographies and academic integrity check with Turnitin

If you are not a LIUC student, read the Library rules to find out which services you can access to.

How can I consult a graduation thesis?
You can search the thesis you need in the Thesis archive. If you want to examine a thesis, check if the author authorized the consultation. Library patrons can read the thesis only inside the Library.

What can I do if I need a bibliography regarding a particular topic?
The Mario Rostoni Library provides a bibliographic advisory council to students. LIUC Discovery is available to anyone.

Everything you need to know about:

  • purchase proposals
  • home loans
  • interlibrary loan
  • journals

FAQs on purchase proposals.

Can I suggest the purchase of a book?
Yes. All patrons can suggest new book acquisitions. The titles have to relate to subjects such as management, industrial engineering, and economics.

Can I ask for one or more books already owned by the Library?
Generally speaking no. Usually the Library buys several copies of textbooks only.

What should I do to suggest a purchase?
You have to fill in the appropriate form, either on paper at the main Library desk or online on the Library website through the "Book Reservation" service.

How long does it take to receive a purchased document?
A document that has been proposed for purchase will be available, on average, in a week.

Will I be notified when the requested document is delivered?
Yes. As soon as the book is available, you will receive an e-mail. You will have up to 3 days to pick it up at the main Library desk.

FAQs on home loans.

How long can I keep the book I borrowed?
Patrons are allowed to keep the books for up to 30 days. External patrons are allowed to keep the books for up to 15 days.

How many books can I borrow?
Patrons are allowed to borrow up to 10 books at the same time. External patrons, who are admitted for free or have facilitated access, are allowed to borrow up to 5 books.

What books can I borrow?
You can borrow all books available on bookshelves, except for some types of documents such as books published prior to 1950, dictionaries, encyclopedias and journals. In other words, all books with shelf marks different from L or Q and journals are excluded from home loan.

Will I be sanctioned if I deliver the book late?
An overdue fine of 0.20 € will be applied for every day of delay (counted from the date and hour of the loan). After the third reminder, you'll be no longer allowed to borrow books.

Can I send someone to borrow the books I need?
No. Both the LIUC and the Library cards are strictly personal. If you give your card to others, you will be no longer allowed to borrow any book.

Can I reserve a book?
Books currently on loan can be reserved from the LIUC Discovery except for course textbooks and books that have already been booked by someone else.

How can I check my current book loans?

You can check your current loans and expiration dates through the LIUC Discovery.

Can I renew loans?
You can renew all loans except for course textbooks and books that have already been booked by someone else through the LIUC Discovery.

FAQ on interlibrary loan.

What's the interlibrary loan?
It is a service offered to Mario Rostoni Library patrons. The service provides books and photocopies of articles owned by other libraries (both Italian and foreign).

How can I request a book or an article?
You can either fill in the appropriate form that you find at the main Library desk with the bibliographic data of the request or you can send your request online by sending an email to: ill@liuc.it

Can I ask for any kind of document (book or article) to another library?
Most libraries are willing to lend or to photocopy (for personal use) their material. Restrictions are applied to the sending of reference works (dictionaries, encyclopedias...) or texts published before a certain date.

Can I request a copy of an entire journal or a book through ILL/DD services?
No. According to the Italian Copyright Law, there are specific restrictions to the number of pages of the document that can be reproduced in a library, for a maximum of 15%.

Does the interlibrary loan service have a cost?
For each document (either volumes or photocopies), you will be charged a € 2.5 fee or an amount equal to the sum spent by the library when this exceeds € 2.5.

How much does it take for a document to be delivered?
It could take some days or weeks. It depends on the internal organization of the lending library plus, obviously, shipping time.

Can I borrow the books I have requested?
No. Books will be available for consultation only inside the library, whereas article photocopies will be collected in the library.

How long does the loan last?
It depends on the lending library: usually 10 days plus shipping time.

FAQ on how to search articles from periodical publications (journals, yearbooks, news bulletins...).

How can I read journals that are part of LIUC Library Collections?
Most journals are available in electronic format through LIUC Discovery. Some journals that are already available in paper are located in the "periodici" hall. Old issues of journals are stocked in the depository. You have to fill in the appropriate form that you can find at the main library desk to retrieve from the depository any issue not present on the shelf.

How can I access electronic journals from home?
Through the LIUC Discovery Service. You will be required to insert your username and password to see the full text of articles.

Can I borrow paper journals?
No, it is not possible to borrow journals, but you can consult and eventually photocopy (for personal use) them. You can use the copy machines inside the library.

Can I look in the Discovery for an article I need?
Yes, LIUC Discovery service provides articles, journals, books, and chapters of books. You can check the availability of the specific volume, issue, pages.

I checked that LIUC library owns "Business Week" since 1991 in paper version. Where can I physically find it?
First, you have to look for the journal's classification from the catalogue. "Business Week", as an example, is classified as P 051 BUS WEE. Journals in the "periodici" hall follow the order of classification.

What's Essper?
Essper is a bibliographic database of table of contents of Italian Economics, History, Management and Social Sciences Journals owned by Italian Academic Libraries.