ART. 1
The library is the organization that, inside the borders of the university, organizes documental resources, regardless of their material support, to allow their fruition by users.

ART. 2
The library aquires, catalogues and preserves documental resources, acting as a bibliographic and informative center in order to assist its customers through appropriate tools.

ART. 3
Library admittance is free.
Teachers and students of the Cattaneo university have free access to loan services in loco or at home.
External customers have to pay a registration fee. Admittance annual fee granting access to consultation and loan services is: 35€ per person. Admittance annual fee granting access to all library services, including in loco access to database resources, is: 100€ per person.
Teachers, students and employees of universities in terms of reciprocity with Cattaneo University can register through a fee of 15€ una tantum.
Former students of the Cattaneo University and residents of Castellanza are admitted for free.
In case of services entailing additional costs (such as connection to online databases, the use of photocopy facilities, request of photocopies from international interlibrary, etc.) the library may charge the user.

ART. 4
Loan duration is 30 days for ordinary customers and 15 days for guest customers.
The chief librarian has the autority to request, at any time, the return of documents.
In case of late return of documents a fixed fee will be charged on the borrower as a penalty; the library may suspend services to the borrower for an amount of time determined by the chief librarian.
Some types of documental resources (such as dictionaries, periodicals, encyclopedias...) are excluded from loan services.

ART. 5
Customers may advance purchase proposals for books or other resources filling the appropriate form.

ART. 6
Customers have to behave quietly in library rooms and to restrain from disturbing other customers.
Users are required to handle library materials carefully and to avoid any damage to them.
Borrowers are personally accountable for any material borrowed; the cost of replacement or repair of lost or damaged materials will be charged on the borrower.
Smoking, eating or drinking is not allowed inside the library.
Group study is allowed in the reading hall of the Gelsi courtyard.

ART. 7
The library is open from 8:30 to 20:00 (mon-fry) and from 9:00 to 13:00 (sat).
The reading hall in the Gelsi courtyard is open from 8:30 to 19:30 fron Monday to Friday.
The borrowing service closes 10 minutes before library closing time.

ART. 8
A rechargeable card is needed to use the photocopy facilities.
The card is lent for free to students, teachers and outside customers admitted through payment of the ammission fee.
Outside customers admitted for free to the library may request the card, in which case the library will charge them 10€ for library rights.
The card must be returned upon expiry of library enrollment. In case of failure to return the card the customer will be charged 10€ for library rights.