Exploring corporate entrepreneurship : entrepreneurial orientation in small and medium-sized enterprises

/ di Salvatore Sciascia. - Jönköping : Jönköping international business school, ©2004. - 205 p. ; 24cm.

How does the entrepreneurial process work in organizations? What are the main organizational determinants of Corporate Entrepreneurship? This book aims at answering these questions, with a particular concern for Small and Medium Enterprises.
A conceptual section is devoted to the exploration of the concept of Corporate Entrepreneurship, here understood as the process through which the companies spot and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. An empirical section investigates it within the context of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.
The research succeeded in identifying the most suitable features that organizations should have in order to be effectively entrepreneurially oriented. Following a multi-disciplinary approach, Strategic Management, Organization Studies and Marketing offered the building blocks in order to accomplish the research purpose.
The research was carried out thanks to the co-operation of Jonkoping International Business School (Sweden) and Università Cattaneo - LIUC (Italy).


1. Introduction 1
SECTION 1 - Corporate Entrepreneurship reasearch  
2. The development of Entrepreneurship research 19
3. Corporate Entrepreneurship: a literature review 47
4. Corporate Entrepreneurship: between Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship 75
SECTION 2 - Corporate Entrepreneurship as phenomenon  
5. Entrepreneurial orientation in different context: an empirical investigation on SMEs 97
6. Market Orientation as determinant of Entrepreneurship 123
7. The role of Dynamic Capabilities in Corporate Entrepreneurship: the case of an established firm 141
8. Conclusions: Towards a Theory of Corporate Entrepreneurship 165
References 179