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Frequently asked questions:

Biblioteca M. Rostoni

Corso Matteotti, 22
21053 Castellanza (VA)
tel. 0331-572.282
fax 0331-572.238
Lunedì-Venerdì: 8,30-18
Sabato: 9-13

How can I access to Library services?
If you are a LIUC student you can ask your Library card at Library reception. With the card you have access to all Library services:

  • Consultation (monographs, magazines, graduation thesis)
  • Loans (up to 10 volumes for 30 days)
  • Researches on databases (from inside or outside the Library)
  • Advisory service in data search

If you are not a LIUC student read the Library rules to find the options you have.

How can I consult a graduation thesis?
You can search the thesis you need in the Thesis archive. If you want to examine a thesis check if the author authorized consultation. You can read the thesis only inside the Library. As for other Library services you hav to register to the Library to be allowed to consult thesis.

I need the photocopy of an article from a magazine owned by LIUC Library.
We suggest to ask the interlibrary loans service of the library of your city or institution.

I need a bibliography regarding a particular topic.
The Mario Rostoni Library grants a bibliographic advisory council to students of LIUC college, in order to find thesis, papers or researches.
Users who aren't registered at the Library can look thel Monographs and magazines catalogue.

Everything you could ask about:


FAQs on purchase proposals.

Can I suggest the purchase of a book non already owned by the Library?
Yes. All customers can suggest to Library management titles of books they'd like the Library to buy. The titles have to be related to the college's fields of study.

Will the Library purchase all suggested books?
Library management will scrutinize every suggestion taking in account Library programs and economic convenience. If the management chooses not to buy the book it is still possible to obtain the document trough interlibrary loan.

Can I ask for one or more copies of books already owned by the Library?
Generally speaking no; usually the Library purchases multiple copies of courses textbooks only.

What have I to do to suggest a purchase?
You have to fill the appropriate form, either on paper at Library reception or in electronic format on the Library website through the "Io Leggo" service.

How can I obtain informations I need when I have dubious or deficient bibliographic data?
You can ask the advisory service for help.

How much have I to wait for the purchase of a document?
A document that has been proposed for purchase will be available, on average, after a month. Italian books produced by publishing houses with good sales networks might be available in shorter time periods.

Will the one who proposed the purchase be apprised when the requested document arrives?
Yes. When the book is available the one who proposed the purchase is apprised by e-mail or by telephone. The book is then reserved to him/her for 3 days.

FAQs on home loans.

How long is a loan?
Library customers are allowed to keep the books for up to 30 days. Outside customers that are admitted for free or through subsidized admission are allowed to keep the books for up to 15 days.

How many books can I borrow?
Library customers allowed to borrow up to 10 books at the same time. Outside customers that are admitted for free or through subsidized admission are allowed to borrow up to 5 books.

What books can I borrow?
You can borrow all books available on bookshelves, excuding some classes of documents such as books published prior to 1950, dictionaries, enciclopedias and magazines. To put it simple, all books with shelf marks different from L or Q are excluded from home loan.

Will a delay in redelivery cause sanctions?
If you are late in redelivering a book you'll be fined of 5€ for every month (rouded up) of delay. After the third remind you'll be suspended from loans.

Can I send someone to fetch the books I need?
No. The Library card is strictly personal. Giving the card to others will lead to suspension from loans and withdrawal of the card.

Can I book the books?
Books currently on loan can be booked from the online catalogue except couses textbooks and books already booked by someone else.

How can I check books currently loaned to me?
Through the "Io Leggo" service you can check your current loans and expiration dates.

Can I renovate loans?
You can renovate all loans except couses textbooks and books already booked by someone else.

FAQ on interlibrary loan.

What's the intrlibrary loan?
It is a service offered to students and teachers of the Mario Rostoni Library. The service supplies books and photocopies of articles owned from other libraries (italian or foreigner).

How do I request for a book or an article?
You can either fill the appropriate form at Library reception with bibliographic data of the document, or you can send your request via internet through the advisory service. The Mario Rostoni Library will locate the Library that can lend the document.

Can I ask for any kind of document (book or article) to another library?
Most libraries are willing to lend (or to photocopy for personal use) their material. There are some exceptions for sending reference texts (dictionaries, encyclopedias...) or text published prior to some date.

Can I ask for whole issues of magazines?
No. You can ask for photocopies of articles or parts of magazines, not a whole issue.

Does the interlibrary loan service have a cost?
for each document you obtain (either volumes or photocopies) through the service youll'be charged € 2.5 or a sum equal to the sum spent by the library if it is more than € 2.5.

How much it takes for the document to arrive?
Ranging between some days and some weeks. It depends on the lending library plus, obviously, shipping time.

Can i borrow the books i requested?
No. Books will be available for consulting inside the library, whereas photocopies will be handed straight to the applicant.

How long does the loan last?
It depends on the lending library: usually 10 days plus shipping time.

FAQ on how to search articles from periodical pubblications (magazines, yearbooks, news bullettins...).

Are all magazines owned by LIUC library placed in the "periodici" hall?
All recent issues of printed magazines are located in the "periodici" hall. Some older issues are stocked in the depository, you have to fill the appropriate form at the library reception to receive issues from the depository.
Many magazines nowadays are available on electronic format, you can search the catalogue of electronic magazin at:

Can I borrow magazines?
It is not possible to borrow magazines.
It is possible to consult end eventually photocopy (for personal use) magazines. You can use the photocopiers inside the library.

How can I check if the LIUC library owns a magazine that I was suggested to consult?
You can search the library catalogue using the magazine's title.
A bibliographic description will appear similar to this:

Futures : the journal of forecasting, planning and policy. - Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 1969- . - 25 cm.
Dieci numeri l'anno. - Descr. basata su: vol. 23, no. 1 (Jan./Feb. 1991). - Si possiede: 23 (1991)- continua.

At this time you have to check, at the end of the description, the "owned" of the library, which means since what issue did the library actually purchase the magazine.
Check the years written after the words: "Si possiede:"

Can I search the catalogue for an article I need?
No. For this kind of searchs you need different tools, such as magazine databases.

I checked that LIUC library owns "Business Week" sincel 1991. Where can I find the material brochures?
First you have to obtain magazine's classification from the catalogue search. "Business Week", as an example, is classified as P 051 BUS WEE. The magazines in the "periodici" hall are disposed in order of classification.

What do the words [Risorsa elettronica] mean, when they are writtten after the title of a magazine in the catalogue?
This means that the magazine is available in electronic format (Cd-Rom, floppy disk, online version).
Il Sole 24 Ore CD-Rom [Risorsa elettronica]

How can I read magazines in electronic format?
To read magazines on supports such as floppy disks and Cd-Roms you have to ask the library's databases office (monday-friday, 9.00-12.30; 14.30-17.30).
You can consult online databases from any terminal of the college through the link "Risorse elettroniche" ("electronic resources").

Does the LIUC library own any electronic magazine available from remote (via Internet)?
Yes. Iou can accede to some magazines on economics, management and business through consultation of databases such as Infotrac - General Business File Asap International.
It is possible recently, in force of agreements between the library and some publishers, to consult the online version of many magazines whose printed version the library already owns and to download articles in PDF format.
For more details (in italian): Testi completi

I know the subject of the research I have to do, but I don't know what magazine have I to search. From where can I start?
In this kind of research databases gathering tocs of articles of magazines can be very useful, since you can search through keywords on titles, abstracts or, sometimes, on the body of the articles.

E.g., for magazines in english:
Infotrac - General Business File Asap International.

Select: Risorse elettroniche.

for magazines in italian:
Equivalent databases are currently not available, you can search tocs (Tables Of Contents) of more than 200 magazines on economics and social sciences gathered in Essper.
Select: Essper

What's Essper?
Essper's tocs gather intexes of more than 200 selected magazines on economics and social sciences.
You can read the indexes or you can carry two kinds of search:
- through title of the article, author, keywords on all enlisted articles
- through keywords and year on a group of selected magazines.
The search will result in the following bibliographic data:
author and title of the contribution, issue number and pages of the article.

Does LIUC Library own all magazines enlisted in Essper?
You have to check, by selecting a title on the list of magazines, what libraries own the magazin you're interested in.
Or you can check LIUC Library's catalogue to find if the Library owns the magazine.

Are magazines indexes available only on paper?
Besides magazine databases owned by our Library and Essper you can use for free of magazine indexes through publisher's web sites.
Most important publishers (usually foreign publishers) lately placed in their websites sa section with TOC (Table of Contents) of most significant magazines (often including previous years).
Select: Periodici on-line